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Quick Tip Saturday #7: How to Create Professional Fabric Labels at Spoonflower!

Today's Quick Tip:  How to create custom fabric labels at

I spent a LONG time searching and trying out different ideas for creating my own fabric labels for my GCC-concealed carry purse line.  I tried...

1. Printing my own labels- time consuming, expensive, faded
2. Iron on labels- time consuming, , peeled

It took a while, but I have finally found a reliable source for beautiful fabric labels.  They are on great fabric, do not fade, do not peal, and are quick to make and order.  Got to love it!  My choice for labels is SPOONFLOWER!

 I am going to take your through the process step-by-step and you will see just how easy and inexpensive it is. 

STEP 1: Go to and select "CREATE"

I suggest you first log in and create an account.  I'm speaking from experience here.  Once you create an account, your work will be saved in your account.  If you like the labels you create, it will be easy to quickly log back into your account and select "order more" of your previous design.  This will save you tons of time and frustration.  

(Sorry about the small print below.  If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it! LOL.  It only does it under the inserted screen shots.  Ugh)

Step 2: Upload Your Logo

This is where you upload your logo to Spoonflower.  


Facebook Header

Let's get started!

You can see in the screenshot above, that you 1st have to upload your picture by hitting the "Browse" button.  Note the copyright confirmation box you need to check off in order to proceed.  Lastly, just click "upload".  

Step 3: Choose a Fabric

 This is what your screen should look like at this point, except with your logo, of course.  Before you start editing the size, you really should first select the type of fabric you want for your labels.  I use "basic cotton ultra".  Don't freak out when you see the price.  I doubt you will want to order a yard of labels, but maybe you do!  If so, then good for you! ;)

Step 4: Choose a Size and Amount
 The next thing you need to select is the size and amount. 

The first time I played with these labels, I started with a test swatch.  It's only $5.00 and will give you a good idea as to if these labels are what you are looking for.  

I now select the Fat Quarter.  This will give me 65 labels.  That comes out to about 16 cents each.  

Step 5:  Set the DPI

You now need to select your "repeat" settings.  I chose BASIC, as that works best for labels.  Next, you need to set the DPI.  In digital printing, the resolution is measured as dots per inch (DPI).  Spoonflower requires a minimum of 150 DPI.  To read more about Spoonflowers image size recommendations click HERE.

If you start hitting the "smaller" button, you will see that your labels will start to decrease in size and you will have more labels on your fat quarter, or swatch, depending what you chose.  I am using my new logo, so I was a little unsure how many to fit per fat quarter.  I do know that my last fat quarter had 13 labels per column, so I stuck with that this time.  My final settings were: 

 3.19in x 1.38in, 297 pixels/inch, Basic

Step 6: Add to Cart and Pay

You are finished!  All that is left is to add your new labels to your cart and pay.   


Here are a few shots of my old labels in my purses.  I fold over the tops down to the middle and then fold in half and sew in my seam.  I will have to update this post when I get my new labels in to see if there is enough space between each label to fold over. 

Fabric Labels made from at
After I ordered, I realized that to leave more space between each label for folding over, I could have added an additional white border around my label in

 What is neat, is that when you click on "edit with PicMonkey" it takes you right there for editing.  To add a border, click on the butterfly icon and then choose "Simple Edge".  You can make the border whatever color and size you want. 

 When you hit save, Spoonflower takes you directly back to the page you were on previously and your new edits are present

Hmm... I wonder if I could cancel my order and use my changes.  I really think I am going to need this extra space for folding.  

So, there you go!  I hope this was helpful to you.  Obviously, I'm still learning about how to use this program, but the more you play with it, the more you will get the hang of it.  

(Note: I did not receive any compensation from Spoonflower..I just love their products!)

Thanks for stopping by.  If you know someone who is looking for a great fabric label, please share my article with them!  

Have a great Saturday and a wonderful Mother's Day!!



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