Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Framed Wedding Invitation with Pressed Flowers

I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks.  My husband's oldest nephew is getting married!  It's so hard to believe our little nieces and nephews are old enough to even get married!  Where does the time go??

I decided to frame their invitation and add some pressed flowers.  These make really nice wedding gifts and are so quick and easy to put together.

The flowers are called Ixora.  A sweet lady sent them to me years ago from Florida.  I'm pretty sure we do not have these in the mid-west.  I could be wrong about that. 

When doing a project like this you can choose anything for the background.  I usually use scrapbook paper, but I had this really pretty white fabric with flowers that I thought would look so much nicer than paper.

Do any of you out there work with pressed flowers?  I used to make a lot of pressed flower jewelry and cards.  You can check out some of my creations on my Pressed Flower Jewelry page.  I hope to do a tutorial on how to make your own pressed flower jewelry very soon.

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