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This little coin purse would be a perfect quick sew for the intermediate seamstress.  I say intermediate, because I found it to be kind of tricky.  My first one was not quite "boxy" and even on my second try I clipped my corners too close before I turned the purse out and had to do some tweaking to make it look "finished".   Of course, I am not the type of person that likes "little" projects.  They tend to be hard to maneuver while sewing and still take quite a bit of time to sew.  However, these little purses are very cute and it gave me great satisfaction to sew them up for a couple of dear friends of mine.   Recommendations: 1. Take your time and read-read-read each detail of the instructions. 2. If there is a video tutorial available...find it.   3. Do take the time to cut your interfacing smaller than the actual pieces (as they recommend).  Little projects like this can become bulky very quickly on the corners.  My corners are not that great and could

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