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7 Ways to Fall in Love with White Bedroom Decor (Guest Post)

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7 Ways to Fall in Love with White Bedroom Decor:


A white bedroom can be a very effective piece of décor, brightening and widening a small dark room, and creating a stark and unusual bedroom who those who love to be different. If you have your heart set on a pure white bedroom, but have always failed when trying to put your plans into action, it is possible to achieve the perfect dazzling white bedroom, but you must be prepared to fussily agonize over every small detail of your bower of bliss!

Dazzling Walls:

Your walls should be scrubbed down and any blemishes painted over with primer
until they cannot be seen any more. Only after you have achieved a good, blank
undercoat can you apply the final coat of paint to the walls. Do be prepared to
apply two or three coats of paint, going over the walls until you have achieved
the desired satiny smooth white wall that you saw first in your imagination. If
paint will not work for you, choose a sturdy, washable wallpaper in the
brightest glossy white that you can find. There is a huge range of textured
wallpaper available today, so you will be able to choose a pattern or embossing
that perfectly suits your wishes.

Gleaming Furniture:

Try to acquire a matched furniture set for your bedroom; usually consisting of
wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table or cabinet. The reason to choose a
set is because firstly, the design will match, making the room look well put
together, but secondly and more importantly, the exact shade of white will
follow through in each piece of furniture. The only exception to this would be
if you were going to be painting the furniture yourself; in which case you
should be prepared to spend hours sanding and bleaching old furniture, removing
Catches and locks, before applying several coats of good quality gloss paint to
each item, preferably all in one long, marathon painting session (so as to
match the paint lot easily). Only by following this painstaking process can you
be sure that your mismatched furniture will be the right shade of white and
enhance the theme of the bedroom, instead of working against it. I am personally
very fond of white furniture items from White Furniture Store.

Pristine Curtains:

White curtains are easily obtained, and there is a surprising amount of
variety, even in the apparently narrow field of ‘white, bedroom curtains’!
Decide, while still sketching out your bedroom décor, between thick sculptured
folds or soft gossamer ripples at your windows, taking into account the
seasonal changes of temperature that you can expect. Choosing lightweight,
floating curtains might create the perfect ethereal look for your bedroom, but
if winters in your area are bitterly cold, nice thick brocade or lined cotton
curtains will stand you in better stead. Thanks to modern fabric manufacturing
techniques you can even find blackout curtains in white!

Dazzling– and Comfy! – Bedding

Your bedding is important from an aesthetic point of view, but also needs to
offer a degree of comfort. Again, choose bedding dependent on the weather in
your particular area and whether you like to be snug and warm in bed, or if you
throw the covers off when the temperature rises one degree! Thick, soft plush
bedding is best for snugglers, while cool, crisp cottons and linens are better
for those who feel the heat excessively. When choosing your white bedding make
sure you pay attention to the shade of white that you are choosing as off-white
and cream shades can look grubby and yellowish next to ice-white fabrics that
may even seem quite blue compared to the rest of the room.

Snowy Throws and Cushions:

Throws and cushions are a vital part of any cozy bedroom, and you will be able
to find a range of white throws and cushions fairly easily. Once again, though,
do take care over the choice of shade, as you want to enhance the whiteness of
the bedroom, not show it up! For snowy and warm throws and cushions I turn to Yorkshire Linen Co.

White Accessories:

White accessories are dashing and effective, even in an all-white room! Choose
fresh flowers, all white of course, and place them in a delicate white vase.
Try to keep the ornaments and picture frames in white too, unless you want to add
the merest touch of silver or gold to the accessories to subtly offset them
against the stark whiteness elsewhere in the room

Finishing Touches:

Once you think you have finished, look all around the room, not particularly
focusing on any one feature. Look for gaps, items that stand out too much and
for items that do not work well in the bedroom. Make adjustments according to
what you see and continue to adjust furniture, fittings and accessories until
you are completely satisfied with the whole room!

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