Thursday, April 17, 2014

Candy Sprinkle Resin Necklaces: TUTORIAL

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

Is it just me, or do these candy necklaces just SCREAM .....

I made these necklaces for my two little bunnies who will be wearing them this Easter.  They will match their dresses perfectly.  (I saw this idea on Lisa Pavelka's youtube page.  Here it is if you would like to see it:

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

Want to make them?  Here is how I did it.

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

*Candy Sprinkles
*Magic Glos by Lisa Pavelka
*Lighter to remove air bubbles from resin
*Chain necklace
*Jump rings

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

I have started to use this canning lid and some clay as a base for my jewelry pieces while I work on them.  I am loving it!  I don't know why I did not do this sooner.

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner
Push the bezel onto the clay until it is secure and level.  Then, add your candy sprinkles until the bezel is full, but not overflowing.  I just used one layer of sprinkles for mine. 

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner
Add a drop of Magic Glos and then use your toothpick to carefully mix the beads into the resin.  Make sure every piece has been touched by the resin. You might have to add another drop, just do NOT overflow. 

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner

Once you are satisfied with how it looks, do a quick 2 second pass over the resin with the flame to remove any bubbles.  (Do not actually place the fire on your piece.)  You can also try to pop the bubbles with the toothpick, but the heat works best for me.

In the picture above, you can see that it then goes under the UV light for 10-15 min.  Alternatively, you can place it outside under the sun.  

Repeat the process of adding the Magic Glos, removing bubbles and placing under UV light, until you are satisfied with how your piece looks.

Lastly, I added  a large jump ring to each bezel and slipped the chain (purchased at a local craft store) through the hole. That is it!!  A quick and easy project that would make a great Easter gift for any little girl...or big girl!  :)

Are you ready for Easter?  As a Christian I LOVE Easter.  One of my favorite memories is being in church with my family and singing..."Up from the grave he arose..."  and my Dad would sing the low part with the men..."He arose".  I just loved that!

The past few years we have started using the Resurrection Eggs with our two girls.  Have you ever heard of them?  My girl's love them.  We open an egg every night leading up to Easter morning, which is when we open the last egg.  Every egg has something inside it that corresponds with the nightly reading. 

Do you have any Easter traditions you are doing with your children or an Easter memory that stands out?  I'd love to hear about them! :)

May God bless you and yours this Easter!



Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior, 
waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord! 
 Up from the grave he arose; 
 with a mighty triumph o'er his foes; 
 he arose a victor from the dark domain, 
 and he lives forever, with his saints to reign. 
 He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Vainly they watch his bed, Jesus my Savior,
vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord! 

Death cannot keep its prey, Jesus my Savior; 
he tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord! 


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