Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quick Tip Saturday #1: Adding Woven Fusible Interfacing

I've decided to add a new series here at GCC called QUICK TIP SATURDAY.  At first I was just going to make it sewing tips, but decided that may limit me a little.  What if I run out of sewing tips after this one??!!  Anyway, here is my first "Quick Tip"

I have a love/hate relationship with interfacing.  I remember when I first started sewing and I had the task of picking out interfacing for a particular purse I wanted to make.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices.  For instance, did you know that there is such a thing as Fusible Hair Canvas??  "What?"  and "Yuck!" 27% of it is made up of hair.  Who's hair, I wonder?? (LOL!)

Well, I don't use fusible hair canvas, but I do use Pellon Shape-Flex Woven Fusible Interfacing.  I love the stuff and I buy it by the roll whenever it is on sale.  It's really easy to add to your fabric and it gives it a heavier feel, without being stiff.

The key to adding fusible woven interfacing..

1. Use lower heat-too high and it will wrinkle up on you; too low and it won't adhere
2. Applying pressure with iron as you fuse
3. Hold in place for 10-15 sec. and then slide over to the next section.  This helps to keep from getting wrinkles as you are moving from section to section.

Adding interfacing seems to be so time consuming.  I make a bag a week, but I need to be making two bags a week.  So, I keep looking for ways to speed up this process.  I used to place the pattern piece on the interfacing, cut it out and then fuse the interfacing to my cut fabric pieces.  Well, that just takes too long!  I didn't have anyone to tell me this was crazy!  I either realized it on my own or read somewhere that you should fuse the fabric pieces directly to the fusible interfacing and then cut it out. I just took out one whole complete step of the process, probably saving me about 30 minutes at least!

Time Saving Tip When Adding Woven Fusible Interfacing by Ginas Craft Corner

This is what it looks like as I'm fusing my fabric.  I sit my ironing board and myself in front of the TV and fuse, fuse, fuse and then cut, cut cut.  Easy as pie.  

If I don't have time to cut at that very moment I just roll the entire piece up and put it away.  

Time Saving Tip When Adding Woven Fusible Interfacing by Ginas Craft Corner

I could even take this with me to a friends house, or while I'm babysitting.  I'm often jealous of the lady sitting and crocheting as she watches her kids at the library or while she waits for her children at ballet or piano practice.  I could actually get some work done while I wait!  Of course, it doesn't actually fit inside my purse.  Hmm, maybe a yoga bag?  

I hope this has been helpful to the virgin interfacers (is that a word??).  You can check out some of my other tutorials HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your Saturday!


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