Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quick Tips Saturday #5- Investing in a Walking Foot Might Save You $78.00

Well, I have had my new Janome HD-1000 Sewing Machine since August and I have already had to bring it in for repair!  It was my own fault, I guess, so I had to pay the repair fee.  I'm hoping this Quick Tip might keep you from having to spend money on a repair that could possibly be prevented.

I sew very, VERY thick fabric together when making my concealed carry handbags.  I thought my heavy duty sewing machine would be able to handle the work.  However, it really does not do as good of job as I would like.  I have just been using the standard foot that came with my machine.  Come to find out, I should have been using a walking foot.

I've heard about the walking foot and considered purchasing one, but I did not realize that with my machine it is a necessity if you are sewing very thick fabric.  Walking feet are pretty pricey, so I guess that always scared me off.