Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quick Tips Saturday #5- Investing in a Walking Foot Might Save You $78.00

Well, I have had my new Janome HD-1000 Sewing Machine since August and I have already had to bring it in for repair!  It was my own fault, I guess, so I had to pay the repair fee.  I'm hoping this Quick Tip might keep you from having to spend money on a repair that could possibly be prevented.

I sew very, VERY thick fabric together when making my concealed carry handbags.  I thought my heavy duty sewing machine would be able to handle the work.  However, it really does not do as good of job as I would like.  I have just been using the standard foot that came with my machine.  Come to find out, I should have been using a walking foot.

I've heard about the walking foot and considered purchasing one, but I did not realize that with my machine it is a necessity if you are sewing very thick fabric.  Walking feet are pretty pricey, so I guess that always scared me off.

I usually say that Amazon has the best price on anything and everything, but my local store was moving, so they had everything on sale!  So, I was able to get this for about $20.00 cheaper.  Score!

 Quick Tip Saturday #5- Investing in a Walking Foot Might Save You $78.00 by Ginas Craft Corner

This is what the walking foot looks like installed.  It has taken me a while to get used to its bulkiness.  In the beginning I found myself taking it on and off to sew different areas of my bag.  I'm gradually getting more comfortable and leave it on most of the time.

Quick Tip Saturday #5- Investing in a Walking Foot Might Save You $78.00 by Ginas Craft Corner

I wanted to show you what happens when you sew through really thick fabric and you don't use a walking foot.  In the picture above I have tried to replicate what my sewing plate looked like when it was injured. What happened was, when I would sew through thick fabric I would find myself having to push the fabric through.  We've all been there, right?  It's quite frustrating when your machine can't handle the fabric.  During all that "pushing" of the fabric while sewing, my needle was constantly being rubbed up against the plate.  I wish I would have thought to ask my Janome shop for my injured plate, but I was so shocked by the price that I forgot to ask for it.  I did pay for it, right?!

So, I now I use my walking foot, but honestly, I still find myself having to push through some areas.  Does this mean I need an industrial strength machine?  I'm eying a different Janome, but it is really out of my price range at the moment.  It is the Janome Computerized Sewing Machine DC2013.  I've heard it is good for thicker sewing projects.  

So, there is my tip!  Buy a walking foot!  It might save you $78.00 in repairs and labor.  :)

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Have a great Saturday!!

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