Saturday, September 26, 2015

Touring Farms in Harrisonville, MO

Welcome back to GCC!  This picture is a little different than what I normally post here at Gina's Craft Corner, but isn't she cute?  Why do I have a picture of a baby calf on my blog you may ask?  Well, it is because two great organizations, Missouri Women Bloggers and Missouri Farm Bureau , decided to team up to help further the public's knowledge about where their food comes from and how it is grown.  What better way to do that than through bloggers?!

Kansas City Farm Tours w/ MO Farm Bureau

Friday, September 25, 2015

Pinbellish- Pinning Celebration #4

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

START:  Friday 7am EST | 11am UTC | Friday 7pm +8UTC 
END:  Monday 7am EST | 11am UTC | Tuesday 7pm +8UTC

I'm so excited to announce that I am now a co-host for the weekly link party called Pinbellish!  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Online Craftsy Classes Now Available!

I bet most of my readers have heard me talking about Craftsy before, but for some of you this might be the first time you are hearing about them.  Here is a quick definition of Craftsy for ya.

Craftsy: A convenient and affordable (especially when on sale) way to learn a new craft or advance your skills right in the comfort of your own home. 

That's Craftsy, plain and simple!  I have taken three sewing classes and have learned SO much and am always impressed with the knowledge of my teachers.

So, without further ado, here are the seven new classes launching this week!
(affiliate links in this post)

Decorate With Confidence: Smart Sewing Techniques 

Modern Methods for Classic Cakes 

Yarn Substitution Made Easy 

Industry Secrets for the Savvy Decorator 

Quilled & Sculpted Cards 

Illustrated Nature Journaling 

Start Applique

It's never too late to learn a new skill!  Go for it!!!


Have you been thinking about adding ads to your blog?  Well, I have some good news for you!  Craftsy is looking for creative bloggers just like you to join their advertising team!  If you are interested, then click on the link below to be on your way to making your blog work for you!

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if you sign up for a class.  I'd love to hear about it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sewing with a 100% Polyester/600 Denier Waterproof Fabric is a Breeze

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

A customer recently requested a concealed carry purse in camo fabric.  As we began searching, she settled on this design.  Actually the design we picked was velveteen, which I did not realize until it arrived at  my front door.  It is very soft and cuddly, but not so great for a purse.  Now I'm deciding who is going to get a camo blanket for Christmas!

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

We soon settled on this fabric, as it was the only one similar in design and color to her previous choice.  I was a little nervous because it said it was 100% polyester and 600 Denier, which I had no idea what denier meant.  Come to find out, it simply a measurement for the thickness of the fabric.

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

The bonus, is that this fabric is waterproof and it just has to be wiped down when dirty.  I did use a cotton fabric for the flap, the bottom and for the shoulder straps, however.  I think next time I'll also look for a solid material in an outdoor fabric as well.

By the way, check out that button.  Isn't it cute?!  The label said it was made from real horn!

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

If you look at the back of this fabric, it has this lining on it.  I was a little unsure how it would sew, but no worries here.  This fabric ran through my machine with no issues at all.

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

The most difficult part of working with this fabric is that it does not iron over on itself very well.  The handles and the zipper closure were a little tricky, but overall it was no problem.  Just be sure to keep that iron on a low setting or you will melt the fabric.  Also, be sure to use clips instead of pins when piecing your fabric together.  It's very similar to leather in that you should only use pins in the seams where little pin holes won't be noticeable.

Concealed Carry Purse with True Timber Outdoor Fabric by Ginas Craft Corner

I also made a wallet to match.  I'm so thrilled with how they both turned out.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have you ever sewn with this fabric before?  It has such a professional look, that I think I will be looking for it in a variety of other designs.

Happy sewing!

*The original purse pattern is from Bluecalla on Etsy.  I altered the "Iris Covnertible" quite a bit to make this purse.
*The wallet was made using the Necessary Clutch pattern by Emmaline Bags.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags-My Review and Tips

I recently decided, with the encouragement of my Etsy customers, to offer wallets in my shop.  There are SO many excellent patterns out there, but the Necessary Clutch by Emmaline Bags really caught my attention.  Here is why...

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

First of all, it has a twist lock!  I had never put in a twist lock before, so I always love when a pattern helps me grow my repertoire (thankful for spell check on that one-LOL!).  However, you do not have to use a twist lock.  For my very first wallet I used a magnetic snap closure.

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

I'll admit, the snap is a lot less stressful to put in.  However, when I did the snap (see below) I barely had enough room to sew around it.  I must have put my snap in a little too low.

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

This yellow and gray wallet is mine and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!  It's just perfect for me and check out all the card slots.  I like that one side is for my personal cards, and the other side is for my business cards and receipts.  You cannot really tell, but there are slip pockets behind each set of card slots!
Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

Then, there is the zipper pocket, which is great for change.  The wide middle pocket is for a smart phone, which I don't have (boohoo).

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

How much fun is it to have a wallet that matches your purse?!  My customers are loving it.

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner

Necessary Clutch, Gina's Craft Corner   
So, after carrying my wallet around a a few weeks, I decided to edit two things on this wallet. 

1. I added a key ring. 
2. I made the flap a little bit longer.  

Why the key ring?  Well, when I was at the store and I wanted to just grab my wallet and leave my purse behind, I found that I had these bulky keys that would not fit into my wallet.  So, I added a key ring on a loop.  You can see it here..

Why increase the length of the flap?  Well, when I placed a smart phone in the wallet, it would not close.  I don't know that anyone else has had this problem, so it could just be an error on my part.  I think I have only added a 1/2" or so, but now when I put the smartphone in it closes perfectly.  I should mention, that the smart phone I tested out had a case on it, so that would make it harder to fit inside, but don't most people have them in cases?  I really don't know.  

So, all in all I LOVE this wallet and the pattern is, of course, written up so nicely.  Janelle always does an awesome job, so no surprise there.  You can find her pattern store here.  She also has great hardware, so make sure you browse around her site for a while before you leave.   (not being paid by Janelle, just love her store!). 

These are the four wallets I have made so far, and I'm sure there will be many more to come.  I'd love to make some up to sell for Christmas, but right now I am so slow at making this wallet.  I really need to work on my speed to make a good profit for my time.  However, if you purchase a concealed carry wallet from me, you can purchase one.  Check out my Etsy store for more information. 

Thanks for stopping by!