Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day of Hair Accessories

Well, today was another beautiful day to play outside with the girls.  I was wondering how I would be able to get any 'creating' done while playing outside this summer, but it is working out nicely.  Gina's Craft Corner is enjoying creating in the garage!  I have an old coffee table and a toddler card table that are perfect for our craft projects.  Today, I also found that the ironing board is a little easier on my back. :)

Anyway, I guess today was 'HAIR' day at our house.  I had a few new things I wanted to try from the book I mentioned in an earlier post.  The book is titled, We Love to Sew, by Annabel Wrigley.  A few of these are from her book. They are all supposed to be easy for young girls to try. 

In the pictures below you will see pony tail holders and hair barrettes.

 This is a flower barrette made out of felt.  This is a very easy technique for kids with some simple needle and thread sewing.  I will post a how-to for this barrette in a later post and link it up.

 This is a fabric-folding technique called kanzashi.  I've been wanting to try this one for a while.  I did not attach anything to the back today.  I want to add a pin to it so I can wear it.  I think it would also look nice on a bag!  I will post a tutorial for this one later on, as well, and link it up to this page.

This one I had done before, and I'm sure most of you have seen this one on crafting sites a LOT.  It's a basic rosette.  I just used a long piece of scrap fabric, tied a not in one end, twisted/wrapped/glued and then cut a a small circle out of a piece of felt to place on the back.  I then hot glued the barrette to the felt.  I wrapped a little bit of white fabric to the part of the barrette that would show and that's it! I might do a tutorial for this one.  If I do, it will be linked up here.

Here is another rosette.  I twisted an orange strip of fabric with a green strip of fabric to make this cute barrette. 

I like the bigger one.  I usually make mine too small.  The problem is I do not measure, or do a nice fold.  I just grab a piece of long fabric and go to work. 

Next, I wanted to attach an elastic hair tie to some decorative trim.  My girls received something like this for their B-Day.  They were store bought and I could not believe how simple the idea was! 

 I bought this trim to add to a dress, but I think it looks pretty good in the hair too!  I always want to put ribbons in my girls hair, but it will just not stay in.  Here, I just cut three separate pieces of the trim and tied it to an elastic hair tie. 

 I think it also looks good to mix them. Growing up my school colors were red and white.  Wouldn't this be nice to wear to go cheer on your school team?

Lastly, the Pom-Pom.  I know mine looks really poofy, but I kind of like it that way.  I had never made these before either.  It was super easy.  I made one for each girl in a couple of minutes.  I will post a tutorial for this one too and link it up here.

These are all so easy and so much fun.  So, go find some fabric scraps and I'll be back with another post to show you how I made these cute hair accessories!

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  1. Your hair accessories are adorable and I am sure and girl or adult lady would love wearing them :) I was visiting a friends blog when I came across your lovely site. I have started following you and I look forward to visiting again.

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie, for your sweet comment! I'm so glad you found my site and feel honored that you chose to follow me! I will hop on over to your site as well. :)

      You have a great day too!


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