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My inspiration for this project came from another book I borrowed from the library titled The Feisty Stitcher, Sewing Projects with Attitude by Susan Wasinger.  Susan used felt for a couple of projects and they looked easy AND amazing!  She has a project called, "Laminated Felt Case."  I did not have the materials to make her case, but I did use her idea of using a paper punch to decorate the outer cover of my Felt Cell Phone Sleeve. 

I started with regular felt that you can get from any craft store.  I did learn that there is an eco-felt that you can buy which is made from recycled plastic water bottles!  It is supposed to be denser and softer than acrylic craft felt.  I guess I am using acrylic craft felt?  If that is the cheap stuff that comes pre-cut..then yes, that is what I'm using!  :)

I based  my cell phone sleeve on the measurements of my husband's iphone "in the rubber case".  I could not get it out of the case he has it in, but that was okay b/c my cases tend to be 'tight' so I thought this way I'd be safe.  I then added 2" to my measurements on each side and came up with  6 3/4" x 4 1/2".  It should go without saying that I did not make this case for my husband!  Hearts are really not his thing.  It is made for my cheap old fashion cell phone.  I don't have a COOL cell phone, but at least I now have a COOL case to hide it in....I mean....CARRY it in.  


To make something similar you will need the following:

6 pieces of felt cut to 6 3/4 " x 4 1/2 "  (Just measure your cell phone and then add 2" to each side)
3 smaller pieces for the tab measuring 3 1/4" x 2"
Hole Punch
Contrasting Thread

The set on the left will be my cover and the 3 pieces on the right are for the back.  To make the cover you just need to hole punch the front cover all over.  I also decided to cut out a heart shape (just fold and cut 1/2 of your heart shape, open and there it is!)

On my very last punch I went to pull the handles apart and I am so strong I broke it!  So, go easy on the puncher! 

Next I used a straight stitch to add some decorative stitching around my heart.  I first tried using free motion stitching for this, but the felt was not cooperating!  The straight stitch worked just fine.


Now for the tab.  I stitched some lines back and forth on my tab just for kicks.  Then, I stitched a button to the front and a piece of velcro to the underside.  The other piece of velcro was then sewed onto the front, just above the heart.  (Make sure you do all this before attaching the front cover to the back cover)


The last step was to then sandwich the front and back wrong sides together and then sew 1/2" along the sides and bottom.  I then trimmed my edges 1/4 " with a straight edge.  If I had not done this it would have looked terrible!  I should have taken a picture of how awful the sides look.  It was really hard to keep the felt in place while stitching.  So, be sure to use those pins!! 

So what do you think?  I made this in a couple of hours!  Talk about an inexpensive Christmas gift made from love! :)  Do you think you will try it?  If you make one I'd love to see it!
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