Monday, October 21, 2013

Repurposed Window Frame for Fall

 I found this old yucky frame for a couple dollars at a garage sale over the summer.  I've seen old window frames being repurposed all over Pinterest.  I had the perfect spot planned for this guy, but it has taken me until now to get it hung up!

This is the backside.  It was a yucky brown so I decided to just leave it alone and just work with the other side.

Here it is after a good wash.

After a little bit of sanding it was ready to paint.  Now, I realize that most people are screaming about now and probably think I should leave it as is, but sorry, I'm painting. 

This paint is SO old!  I'm talking...the year 2000 old!  It was a little cakey, but we are going for inexpensive here.  I had just enough to completely cover the window.

After painting I let it dry in my garage for about 3 months.  Well, I guess I wasn't actually letting it dry, but it sounds better than saying it took me 2 months to actually get hangers for it and then another month for my husband to hang it up.  :)

So here it is in my eating nook.  I'm excited that I can can change this with the seasons!

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