Saturday, December 28, 2013

Easy New Year's Poppers for Kids

If you are looking for a few quick and easy party favors for kids this New Year's, then you have come to the right place.  These poppers can be made in 6 easy steps and would be a great activity for the kids to do while the grownups are socializing.

New Year's Party Poppers for Kids by Gina's Craft Corner

  1. Find a tube that can be cut into 3" sections.  (wrapping paper tube/paper towel tube)
  2. Place two tubes together on your decorative wrapping.  (tissue paper/wrapping paper)
  3. Carefully roll the two tubes up in the paper and then secure the paper with tape.  Do not place the tape where the tubes meet.  
  4. Secure one end of the tube with ribbon.  
  5. Fill the tube with candy.
  6. Secure the other end with ribbon and then use a toothpick to poke a line of tiny holes along the area where the tubes meet up in the middle.  (This will help the paper to crack open easily)

That is it!   Grab the popper on either side of the middle and then....


New Year's Party Poppers for Kids by Gina's Craft Corner

It snapped open just perfectly, right down the middle!

I hope your kids enjoy these fun poppers!


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