Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Great Gift Idea for Your Crafty Loved One!

My husband has been asking me what I would like for my Birthday (coming up in a couple of days) and for Christmas.  I always have a hard time coming up with something when I am put on the spot like that!  He said he would like to get me some 'sewing' gift but that he would have no idea what to get!

Well, the answer was staring me right in the face.  I do advertise for Craftsy on my blog and just noticed their latest promotion-GIFT CARDS!!  Of course!  What a perfect gift for husbands to give to their crafty wives, sisters, or even your brother!  Craftsy has all sorts of classes your loved one may be interested in....

Cake Decorating
Home & Garden
And MORE....

Right now you can Gift Any Craftsy Class and save big while you're doing it! Want to give someone a Craftsy class, but not sure which one to pick? With their "Gift Any Class" cards, you can buy a loved one any Craftsy class of their choosing for $30! It has never been easier to give the gift of crafting fun!

Gift 1 Craftsy class for $30 (save up to $30)
Gift 2 Craftsy classes for $55 (save up to $65)
Gift 3 Craftsy classes for $75 (save up to $105)

• Gifted classes never expire
• Give one, two, or three Craftsy classes
• Deliver on any date (up to three months in advance)


Thanks for stopping by!!  Good luck wrapping up your Christmas shopping in time!


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