Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me-Craftsy Classes are 1/2 Off!!!

Birthday Cake Stock Image 

Yes, it is my birthday!  I know Craftsy is not celebrating MY birthday, but I can pretend!  Is it a little tacky to post about my birthday.....hmmmm?????  Probably, but I do not care.


Some woman cry about getting older and hate their birthdays.  I try to relish in it!  It is the one day when .....
My husband makes be breakfast in bed (that's a tradition in our house...all birthday boys and girls get breakfast in bed!)  We have pictures to prove it...although I don't think anyone has gotten any of me-THANK THE LORD!

So hop on over to Craftsy and finally learn how to take a picture.... or decorate a birthday cake.... or sew a bag!

Well, signing off to get back into bed so I can have my breakfast in bed!!  We have tons of ice here so this might be the type of birthday where I just sit around and eat chocolate and drink cocoa all day and watch White Christmas for the millionth time!  


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