Monday, March 3, 2014

Too Cute Pink Camo Handbag- Conceal & Carry

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

 I am so excited to actually be writing a post!!  I may have been absent around here lately, but I have not been on vacation.  Although a vacation sounds pretty wonderful about now.  How about a vacation from WINTER!!  Enough all ready! :)

Well, I have never been so relieved to be finished with a project.  As many of you know, after completing my Chevron Bag (using the fabulous Bella Pattern from ChrisW Designs), my next goal was to transform that bag design into a Conceal & Carry handbag.  This was not an easy task for me.  I had no idea what I was doing or how I would make this happen.  However, I love a challenge and I just knew I could do it.  


Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

Here is the pocket for the gun.  I will not know how well my sister's gun fits in this purse until I mail it to her and have her try it out.  I'm hoping she will take some pictures for me and also give me an honest opinion about the bag once she has taken it out for a spin.

There are zippers on either side of the bag, so whether you are left handed or right handed, you will have easy access to your gun.  I want to add some longer pulls to the zippers also, so that in an emergency situation the zip will be easy to locate.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner
The inside of the pocket looks like this.  I decided to use 2 large strip of industrial strength Velcro.  This Velcro is located on both sides of the inner walls of the gun pocket.  The gun will be in a holster and the holster will Velcro to the soft loop side of my bag.  


Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

This bag has plenty of pockets!  Besides the 'gun pocket', which could also be used for other storage, this bag has an outer zipper on the back side of the bag.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

There is an inner zipper on the inside with an open pocket behind it.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

Here you can see 3 open pockets on the other side of the bag.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

  Lastly, there is a pocket on the front.  I did not snap a picture, but unlike the chevron bag, I added a strip of Velcro inside the front pocket that runs from the bottom up to the snap.  My sister wanted to be able to throw a few items in the front and I'm hoping that this will keep them a little more secure.  

Lastly, there are pockets on the sides.  I have been loving these pockets for my sunglasses and phone.  My mom's big samsung phone actually fits in theses side pockets.  My sister has the same one and it is pink!  It's going to look so cute in this bag!


  I was excited to finally learn how to attach grommets and snaps to bags.  I finally just broke down and bought some at my local craft store.  They are cheaper than what I would want to use, but good for this bag since it is more of a science experiment/free gift for my sister.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

  The grommets were the easiest to attach.  I purchased the kit that came with everything I needed.  A few hits with a hammer and they were on.

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner

The snaps were a little more difficult for me.  I also purchased the kit for the snaps.  I had a hard time getting the snaps to stay on at first, but soon realized that I was not on a hard enough surface and thus not applying enough pressure with the hammer to lock the snaps in place.  Of course, once I did start swinging harder. I broke the plastic thingamajig that helps you attach the snaps. (Grrrrr!)

Conceal and Carry Handbag by Gina's Craft Corner 

Lastly, I also learned how to make an adjustable strap!  This is a must for a conceal and carry handbag, as you want your client to be able to place the bag at just the right height for retrieving the gun from the pocket.  Chris at ChrisWDesigns has a great tutorial onhow to make an adjustable strap.


1.)  Find or create a larger bag pattern for conceal and carry.
2.) Cleaner appearance of gun pocket zippers-PRACTICE!!
3.) Buy more thread than I think I'll need.
4.) Finish bag in 1 week instead of 2!
5.) Make Gina's Craft Corner labels to place on bags.

This bag consumed my life for the past few weeks, but I loved it!  I really had fun making this bag and I hope you like it too! 


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