Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four EASY SEW Bags for 18" Dolls

Have you heard about the American Girl Doll Summer Wardrobe Giveaway Diana Rambles and Friends have going on right now?    Well, if you have not, you are missing out!   There are some amazing outfits AND accessories that any little girl would love to have.  For this giveaway, I contributed four bags.  Let's check them out!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Search for the Best Crossbody Bag- Bag #1: Two Zip Hipster (Pattern By Erin Erikson)

Hello friends!  I'm back from a little getaway with my husband celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!  We had a great time in St. Louis checking out a Cardinals baseball game (their new stadium is awesome!), touring Anheuser Busch (horses and free beer!), and watching Captain America (best Marvel movie yet!).  I just realized that my vacation and this post kind of have a red, white, and blue theme! 

Well, as my title of this post states, I'm on a mission to find a great crossbody bag to sell at Gina's Craft Corner (my home business).  Everywhere I look, young and old are wearing crossbodies.  They ARE so convenient, especially for mothers who need at LEAST 2 arms while out and about with the kiddos.

I decided to give the Two Zip Hipster, by Erin Erikson from the blog Dog Under My Desk, a try.  Let's check it out!

Two Zip Hipster Crossbody by Ginas Craft Corner (Pattern by Erin Erikson)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Girl Doll Summer Wardrobe Giveaway!

You've been waiting for it and the time has arrived for our third American Girl Doll Handcrafted Wardrobe Giveaway. This time the contributors have outdone themselves and created an incredible summer wardrobe. You are going to love it!! This fabulous giveaway is brought to you by the following co-hosts, sponsors, & contributors~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Add Eyelets to Your Handbags

 My world of bag making was blown open when I realized how easy it was to add hardware to my handbags.  If you are ready to take your bags to the next level, you can with just a hammer and an Eyelet Kit from your local craft store.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Personalized Gift for New Moms this Mother's Day (A Necklace Tutorial)

Hello friends!  I can see the end!  I think we will be able to finish school by next Wednesday.  Hooray!  Getting to the end is a busy one, though.  On Monday, my girls had a Spring Concert at the school they attend once a week for enrichment classes.  My little Kindergartner had a solo!  She sang part of the song PRAISE HIM PRAISE HIM, ALL YE LITTLE CHILDREN.  I was sure I would cry, but I held it together, only because I was recording the whole thing and I was so afraid I would mess it up.  My husband could not be there, so it was all on me to get it on tape.

Yes, I'm still living in the 80's and I say things like..."I taped it last night", or "just rewind it", or "just get a piece of typing paper".  My kids look at me like I'm crazy.  "Typing paper?"  I had to explain to them the other day what a typewriter was.  I even pulled up a picture on Google so they could see what it looks like.  They said, "Cooool!"  So funny.

                                 Profile of a young woman typing musical notes with a typewriter - stock photo

Well, this post is not about the end of school, or about vintage is about new moms!  My niece just had her first little baby this week and I wanted to make her a necklace for her first Mother's Day, so here is what I came up with.

 Personalized Gift for New Moms-Necklace Tutorial by Gina's Craft Corner