Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Add Eyelets to Your Handbags

 My world of bag making was blown open when I realized how easy it was to add hardware to my handbags.  If you are ready to take your bags to the next level, you can with just a hammer and an Eyelet Kit from your local craft store.

What is an eyelet? (or is it a grommet?)
An eyelet is simply a metal or plastic ring that is inserted into a hole for either decorative or strengthening purposes.  I actually was looking for grommets when I went to the craft store, but found these eyelets instead.  In my reading, it seems that the term eyelet is used for smaller rings and grommet is used for larger rings.   Although, I purchased some rings that were smaller than the ones I use in this tutorial, and they are called grommets!  I'm using the term eyelet here, because that is what my package is labeled. 

Here is my latest bag, all ready for eyelets to be added so I can easily attach my handles.  You will need a hammer, 4 sets of eyelet pairs (washer and eyelet) and an eyelet setting kit (anvil and setter).  I purchased my kit from my craft store.  It is labeled, "Extra-Large Eyelet Kit (10 Eyelet Sets with Tools). 

To begin you will need to use a fabric pen to trace the inside of your eyelet.

I then use my seam ripper to make an x in the fabric and then snip away the excess fabric within my marked area.

I then use a little Fray Check on the cut edges so it doesn't fray. 

I drew this diagram to help you picture how the parts fit together.  I was not getting the best pictures, so thought this might help.  

NOTE:  You must work on a very hard surface when hammering or it will not set well.  I use my kitchen floor and it works great.

1.  Set the Anvil on the floor.
2.  Place the Eyelet on top of the Anvil.
3.  Place Eyelet barrel  through your cut hole in your fabric from the RIGHT side to the WRONG side.
4.  Place the Washer on next, with the teeth side down onto fabric and over Eyelet barrel
5.  Place the Setter on last.  It will sit nicely on top of the barrel of the Eyelet
6.  Give the Setter 3-4 strong hits with the hammer.  THAT IS IT!!

Here are some pictures of me inserting my eyelets into my bag.

There they are!  Wasn't that easy?  I hope you do try it for your next bag.   One thing you do need to know, is that there are different sizes of eyelets/grommets and there are also different types of setting tools.  I found it kind of confusing, so that is why I decided to purchase my tools with my eyelets so I could be sure that they matched. 

How do you like the aqua chevron?  I just love it!  My mom wanted this one for a gift for a friend.  This is the first time I've used a lining like this too, and I'm in love with it as well.

Are you ready to slap me if I make another Bella Bag?  I cannot help it!   If you want the pattern you can get it over at ChrisWDesigns.  If this one doesn't suit you, I'm sure you will fall in love with at least one of her awesome patterns!

Do you know how to add magnetic snaps to your bags?  Click HERE to see the tutorial!

Would you like to learn how to add RIVETS to your handbags too?

Stay tuned for some more "how to" tutorials!  Have a great week!


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