Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Cute Clutch for the New Year!!

I purchased this cute little clutch pattern on Etsy from the shop SewingWithMe.  I've been looking for a quick and easy clutch pattern for quite a while and since this one was on sale right now, I grabbed it up.

There are pleats on the bottom of the bag, which I was not sure how to do.  This is where I guess I am spoiled by patterns from ChrisW Designs, because I'm used to having more help along the way.  

All in all it was a simple bag, and quick to put together, but I was a little confused along the way and some things I just figured out myself b/c of my experience on other bags.

I wanted to make the cute fabric flower that went on the flap, but I totally messed that up to, so a button it is! (LOL!)

I guess this bag humbled me in the fact that it helped me realize there are so many other techniques I have yet to learn!

Thanks for stopping by!  This is my first post of 2015, so I have yet to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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