Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, here it goes.  My first post!!  I have been working on this all day.  Not this post, that would be so sad, I mean setting everything up.  The pictures, the colors, the fonts.  I began the day on another site, but switched to Blogger b/c it seemed to be a little easier.  I did my homework before starting this adventure.  I'm a nerd, so I checked out books from the library about blogging and anything related.  Blogging for Dummies- that's a good read.  And yes, I take notes.  I am also a very organized nerd and have a notebook for blogging, a notebook for sewing, a notebook for jewelry get the idea.  I do not know what I would do without the library.

Anyway, since I cannot figure out how to do an "About Me" page.. I have decided to just do a quick post to have something out into the blogosphere.

Why blog??  The number one reason is because I have fallen in love with sewing b/c of the generosity of bloggers sharing their tutorials!  I made a resolution to learn how to sew and quilt in the year 2013 and without the internet I would not have done it on my own, even with the help of library books like The Bag Making Bible  by Lisa Lam.  ( I'm going to buy this book)  So, now that I am so excited about a new craft, it has made me want to get back into making and selling crafts.  I had lost my enthusiasm for a few years, but I think it  is back.

My goal??  To learn how to sew and sew WELL, to learn how to blog and blog WELL and to share this experience with friends, family and whoever wants to join in with me!  Oh-I also want to sell things on Etsy, but that seems like a far off goal right now.  One thing at a time!

Are there any other 37 year old ladies out there who believe it is never too late to learn to sew???  I'd love to hear from you!

Grace & Peace, Gina

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