Friday, May 10, 2013

I sewed my first bag!

Here is the best tutorial out there, I think, for sewing your first bag.  Great pictures and great notes.  I had sewn a tote before, (check out Noodlehead for great tutorials for totes and many other things), but was really looking for something that was more like a purse.  And not just any purse, I wanted a purse with pockets all the way around, and Crafts reDesigned had just what I was looking for. 


Here you can see my first attempt at free motion quilting.  (I will say a little bit about that on another post)  I had SO much fun free motion "stitching" I guess I should call it.  Did you know you do not have to be quilting to do some free motion stitching?  (I did not know that-but I might be the only one!)

I made a 2nd bag, this time for a friend.  I wanted to add some things that I WISH I had put on my bag.

 1. A zipper inside to hold personal items.  There was still room left for 2 big pockets on either side of the zipper and pockets all the way around.

2. A hook for keys!  A must!!                                                                                                             

3. A magnetic snap                                                                                                                         
4. a mini pocketbook (tutorial from the blog Insatiable Need )                                                         


I put the pen holder in the wrong spot, but should still work.

I love this mini pocketbook.  It was so easy to make.

I will be making this purse again and will do a few more things to improve it.  I want to use a stiffer interfacing.  I just used fleece for this bag b/c I like the soft feel.  But, I now realize that I want that stiffer feel so it will stand up.  I think a zipper is ideal for this bag and maybe even some feet.  If  I want feet, I think I'll have to add a board in the bottom.

It is fun to experiment and to learn new things.

It was my first time doing a number of things on this bag.

*First magnetic snap
*First button closer
*First inside zipper in a bag
*Also added a little white flower trim in the middle

 Please leave a comment if you love bags as much as I do or if you have any tips.  Thanks!

Grace and Peace~