Monday, July 29, 2013

GOODwill to GREAT Ideas Part 1: Pillowcase Skirt & Top

I made a quick trip into our local Goodwill store the other day to see if I could find any cheap material to sew with. While I was there I did find a few things.

I found this pillowcase for 50 cents.  Isn't that trim so cute!  I had never tried this before, heck, I've only made a skirt once and I have never sewn a shirt, but I had to try it!  My little baby is turning 5 on Saturday and I thought this would be a perfect B-Day dress. :)

I have a tutorial for this project.  I must warn you though, I have only taught myself, so I am no expert.  I wanted to make an outfit out of this pillowcase so I just went for it.  I probably should have looked up some specific instructions, but what's the fun in that?!  Am I lazy or just stubborn?  I think a little of both!  I learn best by doing things myself and making mistakes.  Anyway, I'm only telling you this in case you see something strange and think..."Why in the world did she do that?"  That said, I would love for you to write me and give me advice and tell me a BETTER way to do something.  In the end....this project went smoothly for me and I like the finished look.  Most importantly, it actually fits my daughter AND she loves it!  So, here is how I did it...

1. I could tell right away that I was going to need a lining, so I sliced off a slither of the top of the case so I would have a tube.  Then, I tucked some of it inside itself so I had a nice lining.  After measuring around my daughter's waist the material was then cut at the perfect spot to give her a skirt.  When the material was laid out flat it looked like the above picture.  You can see where I then cut some elastic the length of the skirt and then folded it over a couple of times and sewed the material down. 

2.  In the picture above you can see where I have already stitched around the waist, being careful to not actually stitch down the elastic.  What I'm getting ready to do in the picture above is stitch the skirt together.  I then tried the skirt on my daughter and then gathered up the elastic until it fit snug, pinned it and then took it to the machine to sew the two elastic pieces together.  The opening was then stitched closed. 

3.  I was so excited to have enough material left to make her a shirt.

4.  I grabbed a pajama shirt she has been wearing lately and decided to just cut around it.

5.  I then double hemmed around the neck and arm holes.  For some reason I also double hemmed the sides.  Since these will be stitched together, I did not need to do this.  Let's just say it fits her snug.  However, it probably would have gaped open too much if I would not have done this.  I really do need to put in a zipper so she can get the top on and off easier.

6.  Here I am stitching up the hem.

7.  For the straps I used ric rac.  Just try the shirt on the model, pin ric rac in place and then take back to the machine and sew.  I cut off any extra after I had sewn them down.

And here it is!  I love it...she loves it...we all love it!  

The front
I really wanted to add some ric rac to the empty white space on the shirt and skirt, but I did not have any green thread. 
Pillowcase Dress

I did decide to add some orange buttons to the front.  :)

The hubby does not like pictures of his girls faces going out all over the web, so this will have to do.  :)

My mom has already told me that I should shorten the dress a little.  It was a little difficult for her to get in her car seat. :)  I think she looks like a little lady.

So, what do you think?  I'd love some feedback or tips of your own.  :)

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I'm going to make something out of one of these upholstery swatches I found at Goodwill for 50 cents.  Any guesses???   When the post is up I will like it up HERE.

Have a great week!


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