Thursday, October 31, 2013

Princess Dress for 18" Doll

I just finished making 2 princess dresses for my daughters.  It was the first time I used a pattern and the first time I sewed a dress!  You can see that post HERE.  I promised my girls that I would make a matching doll dress for each of their dresses.  Well, I was only able to make one so far so here it is.

Best friends!

I did not have a pattern for this dress, but since I had just finished my daughter's I was pretty sure I could make a mini, yet simpler version. 

I used this dress as a guide to cut a pattern out of a paper bag.  I sketched around the top and just measured the skirt width to get an idea of how wide my skirt pattern needed to be.  

I knew I wanted to add the novelty tulle over the skirt because I really wanted to do that for my daughter's dress, but it wasn't part of her dress pattern.  So, I thought I would try it out on the doll.  I really like how it looks.

I added some ribbon to the hem of the tulle.

I also added some ribbon to the arm openings.

This dress was coming together pretty quickly until I reached the back.  I had trouble manipulating the skirt opening and the bodice opening while trying to add in the Velcro.

It works, but I need some practice.  I'm sure I just need a pattern....and maybe some sewing lessons.  :)

 I am pretty excited that this dress turned out just as I had planned!

My girls were pretty excited too!

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