Monday, December 23, 2013

Check Out My New Bag: Pretty in Pink

This bag may look familiar to some of you.  Yes,  it is Simplicity Pattern 2617- AGAIN.  If you missed my last version of this bag you can click HERE to see it.  I liked it so much I decided to make another one as a Christmas gift for a special young tween in my life.   I had the fabric on hand already because I was planning on turning this into a huge rag quilt for my daughter.  As you can see, that plan fell through.  I am glad to see that my fabric actually looks good pieced together. 

Gina's Craft Corner: Pretty in Pink Bag
 I sure hope the new owner of this bag likes pink!
Gina's Craft Corner: Pretty in Pink Bag
 I made one little change to this bag in regards to the pocket you see below.  I stitched a line up the middle to make 2 pockets instead of one big pocket.  I know I would prefer the divided pocket.
Gina's Craft Corner: Pretty in Pink Bag
 I am beginning to feel pretty confident with this type of zipper!  I think that means it's time to try something new! 
Gina's Craft Corner: Pretty in Pink Bag
This bag is not perfect.  I thought sewing a second bag using the same pattern would mean I would make NO mistakes.  WRONG!  See that little yo-yo flower?  It is hiding a wrinkle in the fabric.  The wrinkle occurred when I was basting my interfacing on the outside.  I was supposed to use fusible fleece for the outer fabric interfacing.  I did not have any fusible, so had to baste it instead.  Which brings up a whole topic I'd like to discuss...interfacing!  I don't have time here, but I'd like to know what your favorite interfacing is to use on a bag like this?

I am really liking the fusible fleece.  It is quick and easy to apply.  It gives a nice padding, especially if you are protecting a phone or iPad or laptop.  However, I just read somewhere that the fusible fleece is more likely to wrinkle and become lumpy.  That does not sound good.  So how do I baste the interfacing onto my bag and avoid the wrinkles??  I guess I will figure this all out in time. :)

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