Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Sign Made with Pinecones

Sign made from pinecones~Gina's Craft Corner

This will probably be my last pinecone craft.  I think I'm a little pineconed out and you may be too!!

I had this piece of wood laying around since summer.  I was trying to be 'creative' with it so it got a couple of coats of blue and yellow spray paint and I etched into it before the paint was dry with a screwdriver.  It looked pretty cool, but did not go with my decor.

I decided to wipe a little stain on it to give it a nice warm color.

I then rounded up my pinecones and sprayed the cones with a light coat of santa snow.  Once they were dry I arranged the letters where I wanted them and then hot glued them to the sign.

Sign made from pinecones~Gina's Craft Corner

That is it!!  This is a super quick and super easy project.  Here is the sign in my living room.  I'm loving it!

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