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Creative Branding Ideas for your Business-DIY TAGS

Creative Branding Ideas for your Business-DIY TAGS

I just opened my Etsy shop last week, so I've been thinking a lot more about branding.  I need business cards, fabric labels, hang tags, packaging....!  It is a little overwhelming.  So, I've decided to put together a series of post to help all of us, including myself, get our thoughts organized and find the best ideas that will work for us!

Lets first look at TAGS.  Pinterest has so many ideas for DIY tags.  I'm looking for something that I can make myself, b/c we are crafters, right?!  Surely we can come up with something original, that represents our business.

Here are just a few ideas that I found on Pinterest.  These would work for hang tags, or tags to tie on your package.

washi tape tag tutorial

This Washi Tape Tag is from my new favorite by Jenny Doh. (lover of doodling and crochet)  You have to check her out!  I just pinned about 20 of her post.

Washi tape would be a perfect quick little touch that you could add to all your branding items.  Pick a design and use it for your business cards, hang tags, and hand written notes.

Rebecca from Naughty Shorts uses these shipping tags on her products.  I'm new to her shop, but I know she makes the cutest dresses and she ships them out to customers.  Maybe this is the name of the customer or the name of the style of dress.  Either way, what I love about this tag is the sewn on heart!  If your product is sewn, maybe you could run with this idea.  (I know i will!)

Playing With Food today on decor8
Holly Becker from Decor8 used this little stamped tag and pompom for a box of sweets.

7 everyday gift tags // small, Manila shipping tags // packaging hang tags // hand lettered calligraphy

These tags are from the Etsy Shop KissforCalligraphy.  A simple tag on your shipped package that says "enjoy" would be easy enough.

diy fabric gift bag

I'm LOVING this idea from the blog Dixieland Country.  I'm sure I could find some fabric scraps lying around (LOL!)

This cute little tag is from the blog Mamas Kram.  Here we have a mixing of stitched scrap fabric and stamping.  Maybe you could stamp or iron on your business name??  Mmmm...I'm liking this one.

Well, I could go on and on with more examples, but these are my favorite and I think I already have enough ideas to start working on a tag.

You can check out my Craft Business Tips Board for some more ideas HERE.

Here's a summary of a list of items you might want to pick up at the store next time you are out so you can whip up your own business tags before that next order comes in! :)

*Shipping Tags (could not find at wal-mart or craft shop..maybe at office store or online)
*Washi Tape
*Cute fabric in your business colors that frays on edges
*Stamps (purchase one with brand name- or make your own)
*Fabric Transfer paper to iron a word like "ENJOY", clients name or your logo, onto fabric.

I hope these ideas were helpful and got those creative juices flowing!

For my next post I'll show you some packaging ideas that will make your customers say, "Oooh and Ahhh" when it arrives at their door!

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