Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Fun Red Purse by GCC

Red used to be a common staple in my wardrobe, as I was a Nodaway-Holt Trojan and our colors in school were Red and White.  As I was looking through my closet the other day, I realized that my colors have turned a little drab.  I have a lot of gray, browns, and blues.  I like the warm colors, and I guess it fits my personality.  My husband laughs at this fact, since I'm always nagging him about always buying the same colors...brown, blues and greens.  Hmmm...  He finally purchased a red shirt and even an aqua this summer, and I about fell over!  So, my goal is to spruce of my wardrobe a little this summer AND my GCC Concealed Carry Line as well.

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

In my Etsy shop I've already noticed that I keep making bags in grays and blues, which are pretty safe.  Since I have stopped taking custom orders for a while, I'm finding it hard to take the risk with different bold colors, but I know I need to do this in order to reach more customers.

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

I'm trying to think if I had any any customers order a red bag last year.  I don't think I did, so making a red bag seems pretty risky to me.  What is funny, is that this was the very first "nice" fabric I purchased when I decided I wanted to try making bags.  It has sat in my closet just waiting for the perfect purse.

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

I am so happy with how this purse turned out.  It has not received a lot of 'favorites' in my shop, but I'm hoping after this post it will get some well deserved love.

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

For this purse I started with the purse pattern from BlueCalla Patterns on Etsy.  I altered it to turn it into a concealed carry purse.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern and highly recommend this shop.  Her patterns are very easy to follow and she is pretty sweet as well.  A bonus from purchasing PDF Patterns on line, especially at Etsy, is that you can contact the designer!  If I had a question about the pattern, I would not hesitate to shoot a message off to ask for help.

A Fun Red Concealed Carry Purse by GCC,

So, what do you think?  It will take a special person to buy this purse.  No, it won't be a color you can wear everyday, but the 4th of July is coming up, and it seems like the perfect color to represent the celebration of our freedom (especially our freedom to 'bear arms').

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you'll hop on over to my Etsy Shop if you are interested in this purse or any of my other Concealed Carry Purses.

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