Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GOODwill to GREAT Ideas Part 2: Upholstery Swatch Upcycle

Here is my 2nd project showcasing my Goodwill finds.  If you missed the first post you can click here to see everything that I found at Goodwill, and to also see what I made in Part 1 of this series. 

As a reminder, here are the upholstery swatches I found at Goodwill.  Upholstery Swatches were the last thing I thought I would find at Goodwill.  They were 50 cents each and looked so inviting!  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I am always up to a challenge. :)

I chose to work with the black piece first and instantly it looked like a cute little clutch.  So, that is what it became!


Here is my piece as it was purchased.

1.  Cut lining fabric to match the outer fabric.

2.  Stitch the two pieces right sides together on 3 sides using a straight stitch. 
    3.  Along the 4th side, be sure to leave a small opening for turning the fabric right side out.

     4.  After sewing, clip off the corners, but do not cut into your stitches.  This step helps you to have nice pointy corners after turning.  (Mine still were not that great, but better than they would have been.)

    5.  Turn the bag right side out by using the hole you left open at the bottom.   To make the clutch from here I just folded the piece over on itself to make it look like a clutch. 

    6.  Stitch on your hook and latch Velcro.  Sew one piece to the front, and then place the other on the inside lining where the flap will meet up with the front.

    (I should have done this before stitching the two together, but thankfully I could open up the hole a little more  so that I could slide it over the arm to enable me to not stitch through both fabrics. 

    7.  Stitch up the hole that was made for turning.

    8.  Fold the purse over on itself and stitch up the sides.  I just used a top stitch with black thread.

    9.  Lastly, I thought it looked like it was missing something, so I added a silver chain I had from my jewelry making days.  It slipped through and clasped nicely.  

    So, HERE IT IS!  An Upholstery Clutch!  I'm actually very proud of this bag.  I can honestly say that I will actually use this! 

    I have 2 more Upholstery Swatches to create with and I have NO idea what to do with them.  I thought they looked kind of manly, but my husband is not so sure.  He joked that maybe I could make a European Carryall (for you Seinfeld fans out there).  I'm thinking....NO!  I was actually thinking maybe a manly nook cover?  Would a man carry an upholstery tablet cover around?  I guess mine would not!  :)

    You will just have to come back and see if I actually find a good use for the two final swatches!

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    Blessings to you and have a great week!

    ~ Gina

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