Blue Jean Ruffled Bag for Dolls

 I have made a lot of blue jean bags for myself lately, but had yet to make a bag for a doll!  This project was so quick and easy that I know I will be making a lot more of these for sure.

 I have always wanted to add ruffles to something.  I had never tried it, but I had read about how to do it and it looked simple enough.  Well, guess what?  It is very easy!  I just sewed a very long stitch (gathering stitch) right down the middle of my fabric that I wanted to ruffle.  The key is to not backstitch at the beginning or the end of your stitch.  Keep the tails long on either end too.  Then, just grab the bobbin thread and start pulling and your fabric will start to gather.  Once you have it how you like it just pin it in place on your base material and then sew right down the middle on top of that gathering stitch and you are finished!

I just love the look!  I really want to try this on a BIG bag now!

I used the same material on the lining for this bag.  You can also see that I stitched in a piece of velcro so all of your dolls important items cannot fall out.  :)  If you want to add the velcro to your doll bags, just be sure to stitch it to your lining before putting your bag together.  (Not that I would ever forget something like that!)

For the handles I used this cute little ribbon I found on sale!  I thought I would use it for a baby project, but it just went perfect with this bag!  Ribbon is really an easy and quick way to add handles to any doll bag.  My daughter is just learning to make some simple bags for her friends (which I'll debut on a future post!) and to make things easy for her I am just having her use ribbon.  

This is such a great scrap buster project, as most doll projects are!  I just had to use a small piece of scrap blue jean material to make this bag.  I did not have a pattern for this bag, as you really do not need one.  I just grabbed a doll bag we had purchased from the store just to get an estimate on the size.   

 This bag was put together using the same method I talk about in my Camera Case Tutorial.  You will have to add the ribbon before turning, which I do not talk about in that post.  If you have any questions about that just shoot me an e-mail and I can help you.   I will be making this purse again with a more detailed tutorial very soon.  When that tutorial is ready to go I will post the link here.

 She looks all ready to go out for a day of Christmas shopping, doesn't she?  Are you Christmas shopping yet?  I am one of those people who shops all year long and when I find a good gift for someone on sale I just throw it in my 'gift box'.  It really helps the pocket book come December!

Did you notice the pressed flower necklace Merideth is wearing?  I made this!  The background is a rose petal and the tiny flowers are baby's breath.

Did you know you could win my Blue Jean Ruffle Bag AND this Pressed Flower Necklace?!  These are just two of the many items that have been donated from bloggers and Etsy shop owners to the AMERICAN GIRL DOLL GIVEAWAY  hosted by Diana Rambles!  I am co-hosting  this giveaway and you can enter by clicking on this link  Scroll down to the bottom of the post and wait for the entry form to load.  Good luck!

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