Mini Pinecone Wreath-Mason Jar Lids

Are you looking for a centerpiece idea for your holiday table or just a little something to hang on an inside window?   I have a great ideas to share with you today that will take care of both of those problems for you!

I looked all around my house for something that would work for a mini wreath.  These three mason jar rings were perfect!

I started this project by giving the rings a light coat of brown spray paint to give them a woodsy look.  In hindsight I think the silver would have actually looked just fine.  I guess it depends on the look you are going for.

I then started hot gluing the smallest pinecones from my collection onto the ring.

This is what they will look like once all the pinecones are added.

I then decided that I wanted to add a snowy look to the wreaths.  I sprayed them with this Santa Snow that I found at my local box store.

This is what they looked like after one coat.  Spray very lightly or it will just look like a white glob.  I also snipped off some fake red berries and hot glued them on as well.

And that is it!   I wrapped some ric-rac around the wreaths and nailed the trim to the window.  Now, as I said, the plan was to hang them on my kitchen window.  However, I forgot to purchase something to attach them to the window.  So, I decided to showcase them on this repurposed window I have hanging in my eating nook.  This picture looked a little boring to me, so I decided to spray some snow all over the back to fancy it up a bit. :)

Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

Here it is.  I still think this picture is needing something.  You could hand a bigger pinecone from the other window panes????  That would look cute.  You get the idea.
Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

I also thought these little guys would make cute little candle holders!  I would recommend using taller candles for this to decrease the chance of the pinecones catching on fire.  (unless your looking for a little excitement at your Christmas party this year!)
Mini Pinecone Wreath from Mason Jar Lids

Thanksgiving is this week!! Can you believe it???  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


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