Christmas PJ's for 18" Doll-Upcycled Material

My mom visited me recently and with her she brought me some very used PJ pants that used to belong to my dad.  I meant to take a picture of them before I cut them up!  The material was still in pretty good shape so I decided to try to use my first doll pattern to make some PJ's.

18" Doll PJ's
The pattern I chose was  McCall's- M5019.  I started this pattern a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason it has just been sitting on my sewing table for 2 weeks!  It was a really easy pattern, so I don't know what my problem was.  I was a little confused at the very beginning with how they wanted me to do the back, but I just finally did what seemed to make sense to me and that worked.

For the top I just used a strip of Velcro.

The pants have an elastic waist, but that was the hardest part.  I have always heard PJ pants are such an easy sew and now I know for myself that this is SO true. 

These PJ's would be pretty boring without all that sweet trim.  It just makes the outfit.  I like the added touch of the pocket too. 

18" Doll PJ's

Now, of course, my other daughter wants these PJ's for her doll AND matching PJ's for Christmas.  I agree that these would make cute Christmas PJ's for my girls so I guess it is back to the fabric store to find some fabric.   :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I am learning to sew one pattern at a time and I would love to have you come along on this journey with me!  If you are learning how to sew too, please leave me a comment and let me know what you are working on.  :)

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