Easy Pinecone Tree Tutorial

I have another pinecone project for you.  If you missed my tutorial on how to make your own Pinecone Wreath you can check it out here.

For this tree you will need the following supplies:
Styrofoam Tree Form (or any tree form)
Brown Spray Paint
Small Pinecones
Fake berries
Hot glue gun
Time :)

Step 1: Spray paint your tree if necessary.

Step 2:  Hot glue a larger pinecone for the top of your tree first and then start adding the piecones.

Optional:  I stomped on each pinecone to smash them down a bit so they would lie flatter against the tree.  I felt like it helped.  If you choose to do this,  recruit any kiddos that happen to be around.  My girls thought this was a blast! ;)

Keep gluing!  You are almost finished!

This picture just shows you that there will be a few gaps if you look really close.

Step 3:  Use some sharp scissors to snip off the berries.  I learned that if you peel the berries back a little bit you will get a longer stem exposed.  You need that longer stem in order to get the berries stuck down into the Styrofoam securely.  This is a great step for little ones to help with too.  My 5 year old put in almost all of the berries for me! 

Easy project and a great project to get the kids involved too!  Thanks for stopping by!


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