Tips & Tricks- I'm a New Cohost!!!

I am so excited to announce that I will be cohosting an amazing party every Tuesday!  Our lovely party host is Heather from Stringtown Home!

What I like about this party is Heather has given you great ideas to help stir the creative juices every week! If you do not have anything to link up to the themed category...NO WORRIES!  You can link up whatever you want in the "ANYTHING GOES" section, which you will find after all the themed links.

THEME IDEAS NOVEMBER12-DECEMBER 30THTips & Tricks Tuesday November and December Schedule


This week’s theme is Sheet Music, Book Pages, and Canvas.

Don’t forget – every link will be shared on the cohosting blogs, our Facebook pages, and pinned to Pinterest!
Make sure you follow the cohosts (below), so that you can see your shout outs….

OK, let’s get started!  Please link back to the party in some way – it’s much appreciated!

Now, on to the fabulous party!

Themed Section:

Anything Goes Section:

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