I would not have been able to teach myself to sew without great tutorials!  Here are some of the tutorials I have had on my blog.  Enjoy!


How to Add Purse Feet to Handbags

How to add a magnetic snap to bags/totes by Gina's Craft Corner
How to Add Magnetic Snaps to Bags

How to add Eyelets to your Handbags
How to Sew a Pocket Tissue Holder
How to Make a Pocket Tissue Holder
How to Sew a Rag Quilt
Upcycled Blue Jean Camera Case
Camera Case/iPone Case Tutorial
Bedskirt to Valence
Bedskirt to Valence-How to
Free Motion Stitching/Zipper Bag-How to
How to Sew on Cards
How to Doodle w/ Your Sewing Machine

Strippy Rag Quilt Tutorial by Gina's Craft Corner
How to Make a Strippy Rag Quilt

How to Make a Felt iPhone/Camera Sleeve
Macbook Sleeve
How to Make a MacBook Sleeve w/ Handprinted Fabric
How to Make Cute Pillow Embellishments

How to Make New Year's Blowers by Gina's Craft Corner
New Year's Blowers for Kids

How to Make Veggie Can Robots

How to Fuse Plastic
Felted Wool Bag from a Sweater
How to Make a Bag from a Wool Sweater
How to Decorate w/ an Old Window
Pillowcase Dress
How to Make a Pillowcase Top and Skirt

Glue Resist on Fabric
Design Fabric w/ Sharpies
How to Handprint/Stamp Fabric

Wet-on-Wet Fabric Painting
Hand Stamped Fabric Pillow-How to
How to Print Fabric w/ String and Spray Paint

How to Make a Christmas Ball Wreath w/ a Coat Hanger-Gina's Craft Corner
How to Make a Christmas Ball Wreath from a Hanger

Sign made from pinecones~Gina's Craft Corner
How to Make a Sign w/ Pinecones

DIY Pinecone Wreath-Gina's Craft Corner
How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath
How to Make a Pine Cone Tree
How to Make a Pressed Flower Necklace
Packing Tape + Fall Leaves = Great Gift WrappingPressed Flowers + Packing Tape to Wrap Presents
How to Use Pressed Leaves and Flowers as Gift Wrapping

Candy Necklace by Ginas Craft Corner
Candy Necklace Tutorial
How to Make a Button Bracelet
How to Turn a Drop Cloth into a Pergula Shade

Homeschool Chalkboard
How to Make a Homemade Chalkboard
How to Refinish an Old Desk
How to Make an Animal Hotel (Stuffed animal storage)

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